“I had seen another dentist recently for an emergency issue of which I was told it would require a root canal and crown. The price they were going to charge was WAY out of my ability to pay even with dental insurance. I called Dr.Jain’s office and his staff was so helpful. She gave me an appointment for 2 days later, which was a Saturday, perfect for me. My one & only complaint would be the wait in the waiting room (45 mins), however, I would completely overlook this based on knowing how busy he was but still found the time to see me on the day I was available. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Jain. He was very mindful of any pain I was having and adjusted the amount of novocaine accordingly. At one point I had to stop the procedure (root canal) because I felt panicky. Dr. Jain TOTALLY understood how I felt. He stopped immediately and had his assistant give me water, sat me up and insisted I take all the time I needed to compose myself. I couldn’t thank him enough. Afterwards, he took the time to show me my x-rays & explain what he did, what needs to be done, and answered all my questions patiently, with knowledge and concern. I will be going back to Dr. Jain for all my future dental needs. PLUS he didn’t overcharge me. Thank you, Dr. Jain!”

Julie F.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Jain for the past 6 years.  He is the best Dentist I have had in my 45 years of life.  At one point I needed a crown and he did a phenomenal job.  He is gentle, proactive, and reasonable when it comes to charges. As my mother always said, ‘take care what you want to keep.’  Teeth should be one of those things you want to keep and it all starts with having a nice dentist like Dr. Jain!”

Maria M.

“I recently was new to DR Jain’s office and in need of a cleaning and some filling taken care of. Since it had been an extended time since my last Dental visit I was in need of several fillings, which Dr. Jain was able to take care of for me in several separate appointments with no issue. I was recommended to Dr, Jain by a friend and I would not hesitate to recommend him myself to anyone in need of a good Dentist with a very nice and helpful staff.”

Brian L.

“Take it from someone who has seen more than a dozen dentists over the years, Dr. Jain is the best! He will work with you to come up with the best dental game plan that fits your needs. Anyone who writes Dr. Jain a bad review is clueless!”

Tony O.

“I took my wife here today 01-25-16 because she was in a lot of pain and our dentist is in Chicago. So I called Dr Jain and his receptionist was great and told me they took walk ins and our insurance. Awesome! So we go and didn’t wait 10 minutes before she was in the chair getting help with pain. The place is not pretty but don’t let that stop you this dentist is truly a Dimond in the ruff. My dentist in the city is a very pretty place but I have never spent less than 3 hour their and they wouldn’t pull her tooth that has been giving her hell for years. Dr Jain did for her in 15 minuts what our dentist wouldn’t do in 3 years. Yes we are switching. Don’t judge a book by its cover. And her pain is low because the man is good at what he do.”

Michael B.

“I have had nothing but a great experience w/Dr. Jain and his office assistances are wonderful. Thank you, Denise Addington!”

Howard E.

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